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General Introduction

General Introduction

Following the Regulation on the Working Procedures and Principles of Strategy Development Units published in the Official Gazette dated 13.02.2006 and numbered 26084, the Strategy Development Department carries out its duties within the scope of the following functions:

a) Strategic management and planning function

1) To create a preparatory program for the strategic planning studies of the university, provide training and consultancy services that will be needed in the strategic planning process of the administration, and coordinate the strategic planning studies.

2) To carry out other support services related to strategic planning.

3) To prepare the annual report of the university.

4) To carry out studies on setting the mission of the university.

5) To examine the external factors that will affect the services within the scope of the university's duty.

6) Identifying new service opportunities and taking measures against threats that prevent effectiveness and efficiency.

7) Conduct in-house capacity research, analyzing the efficiency of services and beneficiary satisfaction, and conducting general research.

8) To identify the strengths and weaknesses of the university.

9) To carry out research and development activities related to the university's field of duty.

10) To collect, classify and analyze information and data about the activities of the University.

11) To carry out the secretarial work of the University's Quality Commission.

b) Performance and quality criteria development function

1) To develop performance and quality criteria of the subjects within the scope of the university's duty.

2) To collect, analyze and interpret information and data related to the development of services and performance with the university's management.
3) To evaluate the compliance of the university and units with the performance and quality criteria and present them to managers.


c) Management information system function

1) To perform the services related to the management information system in cooperation with the relevant departments if any,

2) To carry out the studies for the development of the management information system,

3) To perform statistical recordings and quality control procedures.

d) Financial services function

*Budget and performance program;

1) Coordinate the preparations of the performance program.

2) To prepare the budget.

3) To prepare the detailed expenditure or financing program.

4) To carry out budget transactions and keep their records.

5) To prepare an allowance sending document.

6) To carry out the accrual of incomes and the follow-up of income and receivables.

7) To coordinate the preparations of the investment program, follow the implementation results, and prepare the annual investment evaluation report

8) Reporting the budget implementation results; to produce precautions to prevent problems and increase effectiveness,

9) To follow and evaluate the compliance of the university's activities with the strategic plan, performance program, and budget.

*Accounting, final account, and reporting;

1) To carry out the accounting services of the university,

2) To prepare the final budget account,

3) To prepare the summary tables for the financial management period,

4) To arrange financial statistics.

*Internal Control

1) To work on establishing the internal control system and implementing and developing its standards.

2) To prepare standards on the subjects related to the university's field of duty,

3) To carry out the preliminary financial control task,

4) To suggest precautions for eliminating the difference between goals and results and increasing effectiveness



The Department supports the execution of the following studies.

a) Protocols Review Commission

To carry out the Protocols Review Commission's secretarial work, where all university units' cooperation protocols with external institutions are discussed, and archive all signed protocols by recording.

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